FAVORITE THINGS (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“Darling, my darling, whatever does the Moon collect?”

When Earth adopted Moon

as her personal pet

she gave the Moon a gift

a shiny gold fanny pack

Inside was the

lingering last breath of

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Moon was besotted

adding to the gilded pouch

with every revolution

Sonatas of salmon

during a prolific spawn

Unspoken whispers

of certain

Ural Mountain peaks

The third string from

the World’s

oldest balalaika

Unscented dreams

of a Minnesota badger

The final elusive bit of a

Gobi mirage

The aroma of indigo

from the Ocean’s

Mariana Trench

(Copyright 2021)

DISTINCTION (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems – 2021)

“My darling, tell me about the Storm Moon, please.”

February is the

erratic toddler of

the calendar

Immature, irritable

impulsive, irrational

Pitching fits

Napping oddly

The Queen of Satellites

dons her mantle

of Storm Moon

To distract and appease

the imp of February

Showering it with a

weighty blanket

of heavy snow

Radiating storm through

her Prism of Night

(Copyright 2021)

TELL TAIL (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“Who do you think is the Beau of La Luna, my darling?”

La Luna’s Beau

is an exotic enigma

A volatile nomad for

the Queen of Night to choose

It gives me pause

when I ponder the


Consider all possibilities

in the Cosmos of Love

Yet every four years

without fanfare or failure

the Night is ablaze

as La Luna snags

the Comet’s tail

before Haley

philanders away

(Copyright 2021)

SALVADOR’S DOLLY (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“What does the Moon envy about the Earth, my darling?”

One would expect

it would be water

unique possession

that sustains

all life

But I have heard

the whispers of

poets and madmen

openly reveal

that the streak of envy

in Moon’s ancient core

revolves around language

Gift of words

whispered in the mouth

written in dark ink

The hook upon which

Memory is hung

(Copyright 2021)

MOONOLOGY WISH CAKE (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“Have you ever tried Moonology, oh my darling?”

Pre-heat unseen New Moon

Have faith

It is there

When Waxing Crescent Moon appears

like a paranthesis in the night

Remove your secret wish

from under the bed

Season to taste

Wrap in tin foil

Place wrapped desire

outside your front door

When the Moon is Full

your desire is half-baked

Turn it sideways

Recite your favorite song lyrics

over the top

at the completion of

the Fatted Moon

When the Moon resembles

Van Gogh’s severed ear

mark your wish as garbage

to prevent pilfer or damage

The cycle of Magic is now complete

Open the foil

careful not to lose any juice

Consume your wish with

a nice glass of Merlot

(Copyright 2021)

LUNAR HI (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“Okay, my darling, what do you think the Moon wonders about the lunar landing?”

“One small step

for a man

One giant leap

for mankind”

The Moon chuckles to herself

as she remembers

Armstrong’s pronouncement

Didn’t humans realize

that ever since

the Big Bang

Angels held sleepovers

on her surface

Demons reveled in bacchanals

on her Dark Side

And aliens held

feral bake sales

deep within her craters

(Copyright 2021)

KEEP IT SECRET (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“So, my darling, how do you think the Moon feels about her Dark Side?”

The Moon pockets her Dark Side

safely away

A secret tintype of its flawed

naked self

Flaunting instead

its burlesque version

garish in the footlights

adored in reflected spotlight

A mirage of beauty

veiled by the Night

But with wig and makeup off

the mirror

tells her otherwise

(Copyright 2021)