MOONOLOGY WISH CAKE (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“Have you ever tried Moonology, oh my darling?”

Pre-heat unseen New Moon

Have faith

It is there

When Waxing Crescent Moon appears

like a paranthesis in the night

Remove your secret wish

from under the bed

Season to taste

Wrap in tin foil

Place wrapped desire

outside your front door

When the Moon is Full

your desire is half-baked

Turn it sideways

Recite your favorite song lyrics

over the top

at the completion of

the Fatted Moon

When the Moon resembles

Van Gogh’s severed ear

mark your wish as garbage

to prevent pilfer or damage

The cycle of Magic is now complete

Open the foil

careful not to lose any juice

Consume your wish with

a nice glass of Merlot

(Copyright 2021)

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