FRIEDA ROSE PLAYS WITH HER FOOD (August Postcard Poetry 2018)

She craves conversation

in the morning

at breakfast

Life all alone

makes her hungry for words

The sorcery of cereal

small bowl of Rice Krispies




So loquaciously satisfying

She experiments with liquids

beyond sordid tastes

Beer, wine

Coffee, milk

Tea, Pop

Juice, Sake

The unnatural rice cereal

responds in kind

Philosophical, romantic

Boisterous, reflective

Argumentative, silent

She has yet to try

city tap water.


Copyright 2018

THE STATE OF FRIEDA ROSE’S PLANET (August Postcard Poetry 2018)

Let others anguish over the fate

of Earth.

She fixates on Pluto

unlucky planet

now just a dwarf.

The Earth has had its heyday

prosperous mother

bountiful lover

Now humans’ cheap whore

But Pluto?

Namesake of hell

slow-moving ice sphere

red-faced owner of a ferryman moon?

Always mistaken for a slap happy cartoon

Pluto’s saving grace

is its mythical affinity

for lovers separated by death.


Copyright 2018