Buried Treasure (Bargain Basement Haikku) Postcard Poetry 2015

He told her that he was a pirate,

let her peek under his patch.

She shivered his timbers.

He walked her plank.

Together they yo-ho-ho’d

until the island was dry

of Caribbean rum.

When the tide rose as high

as her hopes,

he hoisted the Jolly Roger,

sailing away on a night with no moon.

And all the while she slept

like a mermaid,

the mark of an “x”

black on her heart.


God Sets The Bar (Bargain Basement Haiku) Postcard Poetry 2015

I had a late-night beer with God last Friday.

“This one’s on me,” I said,

slapping my ten dollars down hard on the bar.

Exhaustion from a day of creation/damnation

masked the party face of

The One Who Cannot Be Named.

No words passed between us.

We just tapped our pale ales in a nonreligious toast:

to life,

to mercy,

to the lyrics of Leonard Cohen,

God offering up the same wink on Friday

that Satan hands out on Saturday.

Prehistoric Recall (Bargain Basement Haiku) Postcard Poetry 2015

I press my back against the chipped cement of the underpass walls,

the dank saturation wicking through my t-shirt.

The cigarette I bummed off a fellow insomniac

roaming the dark streets in search of an answer

gives off a subtle nightlight glow.

If I squint, I can just about make out

the myriad tags and graffiti images

spray painted on the tunnel walls.

Instinct urgers me to place my left hand

over the street artist’s blue print.

I am in an urban Cave of Lascaux.