LUNAR HI (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“Okay, my darling, what do you think the Moon wonders about the lunar landing?”

“One small step

for a man

One giant leap

for mankind”

The Moon chuckles to herself

as she remembers

Armstrong’s pronouncement

Didn’t humans realize

that ever since

the Big Bang

Angels held sleepovers

on her surface

Demons reveled in bacchanals

on her Dark Side

And aliens held

feral bake sales

deep within her craters

(Copyright 2021)

KEEP IT SECRET (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“So, my darling, how do you think the Moon feels about her Dark Side?”

The Moon pockets her Dark Side

safely away

A secret tintype of its flawed

naked self

Flaunting instead

its burlesque version

garish in the footlights

adored in reflected spotlight

A mirage of beauty

veiled by the Night

But with wig and makeup off

the mirror

tells her otherwise

(Copyright 2021)

BEAUTIFUL THINKING* (“Under A Common Moon – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“Do you know the Moon’s favorite word, my darling?”

The Moon adores its own image

reflected in others

Planets, satellites

Circles, cycles

The uplifted faces of humanity

each round

all magical

Should it come as a surprise then

that it would be the same

for a word?

Round-bellied vowels

all of them whispered

out the throat

A single-tongued consonant:


(Copyright 2021)

STRING MOON (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“Darling, oh my darling, what do you think lies beneath the skin of the Moon?”

Under the leathery surface

of Galactic stone and bone

lies a ball of string

connecting unrelated things

winding each into a

unified sphere

Unforgiven sins of Jupiter

Dropped notes from the songs

of the Pleiades

A gray hair plucked

from the tail of a comet

Nothing is incidental

(Copyright 2021)

PET ROCK – MORE PROSE THAN POETRY (“Under A Common Moon – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“Oh, my darling, please invent a Moon Myth just for me.”


long ago

when the Earth was very young

when Life was just beginning

to consider a tentative stretch

of its atoms

The Galaxy was vast

and the Earth was lonely

It had not yet

pinpointed the demarcation

between alone

and lonely

That woiuld come with

the Mammals

The long dark nights

were achingly lonely

But then

in one monotonous revolution

A stone appeared

close enough to the Earth

that it could reach out

and catch it

“I shall call you Moon,”

Earth said

squealing as the Sun

approved the adoption

in an unexpected array

of brilliance

(Copyright 2021)

ANIMAL SONG – WOLF MOON – FIRST FULL MOON OF JANUARY (“Under A Common Moon” – August Postcard Poems 2021)

“My darling, why do you love the Wolf Moon so much?”

I have learned

to shut my eyes

to the distraction of

the Full Moon’s brilliance.

To listen completely

to the utter silence

after midnight

That deafening void

Then and only then

on nearly-existent breezes

I might hear

the feral howls

as it prowls

the perimeter of the

January Full Moon

(Copyright 2021)