THE IMPORTANT STUFF TO FRIEDA ROSE (August Postcard Poetry 2018)

She lists important things on a portable Underwood

(Species of freshwater fish

All known shades of blue)

Using a non-serif font on ordinary bond paper

(Antonyms for apathy,

Feeding habits of manatees)

Bakes these lists into chocolate fortune cookies

(Average temperature in Tahiti,

Lyrics to “Free Man In Paris”

Packs them in brown paper bags labeled “Most Important Stuff”

(Names of all the moons of Neptune,

Every Inuit word for “ice”)

Leaves them on a bench, in the park by the river

(Best sake to drink in the moonlight,

How to apologize sincerely in Greek)

For the brave and the homeless

Who always need to know.


Copyright 2018


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2 thoughts on “THE IMPORTANT STUFF TO FRIEDA ROSE (August Postcard Poetry 2018)

    1. Ah, thanks, Abhaya. Elizabeth Woods and I challenged each other with coming up with a female character and designing “things” we needed to flesh out about the women via the Postcard Poems. Maybe this August you and I can tag team?

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