INSURGENT (August Postcard Poem 2017)

The shadows of chaos

float over the blue of her eyes.



be he has noticed.



he has already sensed

that she is a child of Armageddon,

her soul an assemblage

of knife blades and nails,

her emotions held hostage

behind barbed wire and lies.


It doesn’t take an operative

to locate the pipe bomb

duct-taped to her heart.


One false kiss between them

and they will both be blown to pieces,

not enough remnants between them

to resurrect their love.


But he is a risk taker,

wired for danger,

so he holds his breath,

overlooking the odds.


He will either disarm her

or haul them both into disaster.


He is content either way

as the question will be answered.


Copyright 2017

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