THERE’S A NEW GOD IN TOWN (August Postcard Poetry 2017)

Using tweezers and a magnifying glass,

he gingerly places another angel

on the head of a pin.


He has refined his technique

of pinching the wings together

in order to avoid damage

to the heavenly bodies.


So what if a halo

is lost in the process?

It just breaks the focus

of clear lines anyway.

And clean lines are imperative

in dance.


He is up to five angels now,

a new world record.


He presses play

and “Rich Man’s Frug”

from “Sweet Charity”

saturates the paneled workshop.


The angels are flawless,

every movement,

every step,

a direct channel

to Fosse’s choreography,

all delicately performed

under the gigantic blue eye.



he will try for six angels,

dancing to Twyla’s

“Push Comes To Shove.”


Copyright 2017



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