Bungalove (Bargain Basement Haiku) Postcard Poetry 2015

She hammered a sign to the front of her heart:

“Private Property.

No Trespassing.

Violators Will Be Devastated.”

He was an outlaw, rules were no challenge.

When she wasn’t looking,

he vaulted the walls, headed straight for her heart.

Somehow she sensed this, added an even larger sign:

“Posting – Private Property.

No Hunting, Fishing, Trapping.

Violators Will Be Completely Ignored.”

But he was a rebel, chewed restrictions like bubble gum.

He stole the heart out from under her.

No warning.

No struggle.

And now there’s a welcome mat,

hanging basket of fuchsias,

in front of the door of her wide-open love.

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