NO ROOM AT THE IN (Postcard Poetry)

She stroked the back of his neck

where the hairs met the collar.

“You must be getting tired.

We should stop soon.

I heard there’s a great motel

at the edge of Reason.”

He turned to smile at her,

the ghost of a relationship stuck in his teeth.

“Just a couple more hours.

We’re almost to the center of Gravity,

Halfway to Paradise.”

His eyes returned to the hypnotic lines of the highway.

She sighed and offered no response,

Never having been a halfway kind of girl.

2 thoughts on “NO ROOM AT THE IN (Postcard Poetry)

    1. Thank you so much,Wendy. You just made my day. That was one of my favorites, also. I might post the last of the batch today. “Synethesia” for some reason is the one I wrote that appeals to me. I hope you enjoyed the Postcard Poetry Fest as much as I did. I certainly read many amazing works and have some beautiful cards to hang up as bonus. I will check out your website tomorrrow. I have my Writers’ Group tonight. Typically, I write fictional pieces instead of poetry. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to write a comment.

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