I am Prometheus, bound to my words, while you, my crow, devour my heart.

I am Prometheus, chained to contrition, while you, my accomplice, accept stolen fire.

I am Prometheus, lashed to a legend, while you, my raconteur, transpose paladin and pariah.

I am Prometheus, standing before you, hair singed with sacrifice, fingers charred with circumstance, the mortal smell of potter’s clay caked upon my soul.

I am Prometheus:  creator, thief, and penitent.

Can you promise to be Hercules and free me from myself?

Copyright 2010

2 thoughts on “FORETHOUGHT

  1. Hi Donna:
    I like it a lot, especially the first 2 lines. Are you going to bring this one (it fits the assignment) for critique next Sunday? I’m still working on mine.

    1. Hi, Ginny. This was an old piece that I somehow just left alone. It was all I could come up with for the “chant” assignment. It will have to do as I have no other time. Thanks for the feedback, though. I’m not really sure how well I actually like this one…but it will have to do. I’m sure that you will come up with something a lot more thought-provoking! See you on Sunday.

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