You are my diary, keeper of secrets;

My pint of tequila, obliterator of past.

You are my center, sacred space of focus;

My birthday, my deathday, my moments between.

In a world of uncertainty, you are reality.

In a world of delusion, you are but dream.

You are the second I take before jumping, the sharp intake of breath before I free fall.

Copyright 2010

2 thoughts on “…AND SO I JUMP

  1. Celestial Leftovers touched me.
    I fail to understand how someone who is chaste can be so in touch with phantom lovers, rascally do-badders and well -deep, love warped emotions……unless you are channeling Johnny Depp in your non-existent dreams.

    1. Ha! You are the only one who likes that piece. Perhaps it is the fiery red head. Anyway, thanks for the comments. My only response is: I have a vivid imagination!

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