He had no sense of direction and couldn’t read maps.

Perhaps that’s why I found our relationship constantly returning to the same spot, our lives circling the drain of devastation without being sucked away.

It was all I ever knew and, of course, I never knew much.

Then you sailed in, with your Magellan eyes and Marco Polo ways.

You with your perpetual passport, natural navigation, and global goodbye:

     – smelling like Babylon

     – tasting like extinction

     – looking like danger set loose from a trap

How could I resist what I never really knew?

So I let you take me by the hand and lead me to Bohemia.

I left without baggage, not even my conscience.

Sometimes I wonder if he notices I left him.

Sometimes I wonder if he ever received my postcard.

Probably not.

I never bought a stamp.

Copyright 2010

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