YOU 1976/ME 2009

You are the elusive radio station I can’t quite tune in, the musky scent of shadow in the sweet cologne of thunderstorms.

Your name shudders like a passing ghost on the rim of every beer, a phantom memory tenuous on my fingertips.

And like some patient sniper in camouflage, you wait at the end of each new labyrinth – the only means of escape would make me your victim.

But I have never cared much for your music, and fragrances irritate my skin.

And while at times I may be homicidal, I have never considered suicide (at least not for myself).

So remember that I didn’t quite ask you for your secret, didn’t shake a magic eight ball to come up with the question.

I was just  some starving artist headed out for coffee and cigarettes when you made me a sandwich of promises and moonlight.

And now your memory has entered my soul and it is too late for me to forget you.

Copyright 2010

2 thoughts on “YOU 1976/ME 2009

    1. Aww. Ain’t you sweet. I really like this one as it encapsulates pretty well the person it was intended to capture. Thanks.

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