My spirit whispers your name and your eager baby fist grabs each sweetly-curved vowel and long-stemmed consonant.

I have presented you with a bouquet of identity and over time you have woven its fragile bits into the crown of a conqueror.

How is it that I, who loves you with a heart more powerful than any god’s, now finds that same heart shattered by your absence?

Reach inside the broken rubble of my soul and place your finger on the heartbeat we once shared.

Can you still feel its rhythm?

Can you still move to its music?

The connection between us pulsates beyond the very existence of time.

It is an endless echo that speaks in infinite motion…perhaps that is why you so passionately dance in the moment.

Your heartbeat will now carry me as mine once did yours.

I am the past and you are my future.

Copyright 2009

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