She struts her stuff on the rim of the margarita glass, high kicking salt up over her beehive.

Her hair glistens like Christmas rock salt.

How can she balance like that in those three-inch cocktail shoes spiked with cherries, explosive in that exaggerated jazz style, all staccato and rum.

There could be a fight.

This is way too much passion and energy for me after a hard day of work.

Could I just have a paper umbrella, please?

Copyright 2009

4 thoughts on “MS. MARGARITA

  1. Hi Donna:
    This is another one of my favorites. Reminds me a bit of one of my favorite poets, Peter Meinke. If you haven’t read his stuff, look him up, I think you’d like his poems.

    And of, by the way, you wanted to me to let you know…one of my poems has just been accepted for publication…I can hardly contain myself! It’s not the one you have on your bulletin board, though. Ginny

    1. Don’t know that poet so now I have some new reading to do. Thanks.
      And CONGRATULATIONS on being a published poet. You inspire me.

    1. The Romeo and Juliet poem is up. It’s in the archives (October?) under CAREFUL IN CAPUA. Take a look. There are 47 pieces on the blog so far. Thanks for checking out the site.

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