If life is a party, then my friends are confetti, champagne, and balloons.

I, however, am the brown paper bag all glued up and pasted with tissue, glitter, and sequins.

No one would even guess that it was really me inside.

But if I take just the right hit, I will burst with sweet surprise and scatter bits of prose all over the floor.

It is the nature of a pinata to self-destruct for pleasure.

That is why you always see one at a really good party.

Just be careful with the stick.

It could be me inside.

Copyright 2009

2 thoughts on “HIT ME

  1. Donna:
    Another of my favorites…wasn’t sure about this one until you got the the image of the pinata that self destructs for pleasure,,,that and the “be careful with the stick” brought it all together for me.

    1. Dear Ginny: I gotta admit that this is not one of my favorties – just one that dumped out of my head after a birthday party I found boring.

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